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lightning_rose in geology

I call BS


A Gardnerville man said he found an 1,800-pound meteorite in Douglas County using a device that detects radio signals from minerals.
Bob Yocum, 82, has been showing the find to folks since Friday when he found it at an undisclosed location. Yocum said he detected it with his omni-range master mineral locator.
The owner of Prospector & TreasureHunters Headquarters in Gardnerville said he was operating his device two miles (3.2 Km) from the meteorite when he detected it.

From the Website:

1. 100% all elements and gemstones
2. (1/32 of an inch, 50' to 8 miles)
3. Over 100% Discrimination at any depth
4. Over 8 Miles, Every direction , perfect discrimination.
5. EXAMPLE: Gold, silver, lead, iron, PT, PD, iR, os., RU., RH., rubies, sapphires, prehistoric Rex bones, mammoth ivory, Green/black jade, diamonds, Emeralds, fire opals, crude Oil (70, 50, 40, 25 grade), Bi, C, CR, CO, Ni, TA, TE, Ti, U, V, Z, RE., sperm whale ivory, three types of amber, meteorites and many others, each one with 100% discrimination.
6. Light weight - approximately 2.5 lbs.
7. Easy to program and operate.
8. Successfully used for treasure hunting on land and sea.

If it's not clear, the guy in the article is the same guy trying to market the device.

Thanks to mactavish for the original link.


Then again, maybe he's selling it because he's already dug up all the valuable stuff. :)

Magic Detector; or One Born Every Minute

LOLs. I guess he's sorry he didn't own any real estate in Gardnerville to get rich on during the building boom. Now that's over and he's got a mortgage to pay on his $300K house and $8/hr part time job at the Walmart. Gotta make the rent...

Yeah, physics doesn't work that way. Its kinda sad.
I love it!

100% all elements and gemstones well then it'll be going off 100% of the time, won't it :o)

Over 100% Discrimination at any depth Over 100% discrimination? That's a pretty impossible impressive claim...
It discriminates 100% of what can possibly be discriminated . . . and then some.
You know, we can always send a reporter a link to this post. "Geologists are laughing."

I just sent him an email telling him he'd been conned. I was tempted to use the term "punked", but I am a lady, after all. ;)

And here I was just trying to think of alternate words for "bullshat."
why is 'punked' unladylike?

Although today the most common slang usage in the US means to be hoaxed and/or be the victim of a practical joke (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punk'd), it also means to be the rape victim while in prison. And once punked in this fashion, the victim is fair game for the duration of their incarceration.

See #4

ah - learn something new each day!

I forgot to add that while I would use the word in conversation with a friend, I don't use it with a stranger.

What a shoddy piece of reporting! Don't reporters look into wacko stories before they publish them as news?
Slow news days and inept reporters = hylarious coverage.
Order now and get a free divining rod.
As a skeptic, I am already aware of this "device" as it has been covered on James Randi's Swift newsletter (read it here:http://www.randi.org/jr/2006-11/111706rampa.html and do a search on "omni-range". It is nothing more than a dowsing device and is totally useless -- "...he's under investigation by the Nevada Consumer Affairs Division (CAD) for fraud...".

Bob Yocum is the owner of the website the "inventor" of the device. He has refused to have the device tested but Carl Moreland has gotten ahold of one tested it and taken it apart. Read about it here: http://geotech.thunting.com/cgi-bin/pages/common/index.pl?page=lrl&file=reports/omnirange/index.dat.

Yes, this is a scam.


I found a gold vein with it

I found a gold vein with it by triangulating 2 signal lines which led me to an x. I dug at the outcrop at the x and am in vein material where it's ALL microscopic right now. It has dark red colored material which has almost all gold in it and some other gray material that you can shave off and it's turning into quartz material with small pieces of visible gold. I'm only 3 feet into it.
I have never found a gold bearing vein before this one, but I can say that the signals I got caused me to look exactly where I did and there is where I found it.
The device does not always work for me. I have tried it over a period of 2 years and maybe more than 50% of the time, I can't feel any signal at all.
I have got signals in about 3 different geographical locations, but only in 1 place have I tried to follow it by digging down and checking the outcroppings. That's where I found the micro stuff.
Anyway, I can that I am not in harmony with just about all the posters here, and I have nothing to gain by lying about my experience with this device, but thought that if you really wanted to know, there you have it.. I worked for me...
Happy hunting :)


Yes, it is a scam.

Here is a working link to the report


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