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texaslevegas in geology

Hello All!

I am new here and I am a geology major. Just started and loving it. The Geologic Time Scale is a pain to remember! Anyway! I wanted to post this here for you all because it is really cute.


Soap rocks. I saw them in New Mexico.


Welcome! You'll get the time scale down easily soon; I'm sure your profs will hammer one of the popular mnemonic phrases down your throat, like "Can Ollie See Down Mike's Pant Pocket? Tom Jones Can. Tom's Quaint." Dates are harder though. :)
Thank you very much :)!

Oh gosh..Haven't gotten that yet. Im sure I will haha!
I've heard other versions, but that's the one our Physical Geology prof taught us. Silly but it works! (The sentences break up the different eras, other than just helping you remember them in order. First one is Paleozoic, middle is Mesozoic, last is Cenozoic.) Granted, it doesn't factor in the Precambrian stuff, but we weren't tested much on those.
Dates seem to change every couple of years anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about them. :)

When I started university the base of the Cambrian was 570Ma. It's changed a couple of times since then and now seems to be 542.

That's about four different changes in a decade by up to 30 million years. :)
I came up with my own mnemonic that is very silly- I basically just wrote down the first word that came to mind and then thought, this is stupid I'll have to come up with something better. But, then the next day I still remembered it.

Can Oscar Stop Disaster Causing Pests Timely Justifying Constant Tiny Quakes?
Here's the mnemonics I used in school:
Paleozoic: Carl's Old Shirt Doesn't Match Pete's Pants
(We yanks subdivide the Carboniferous into Mississippian and Pennsylvanian)
Cenozoic: Pigeon Egg Omelettes Make People Puke

BTW, those soap rocks are pretty impressive and accurate.
You'll get it down. Once you do, you can start working on memorizing the stages ;)


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